How to get the most out of every candle you own

How to get the most out of every candle you own

Rhubarb jam candle sat on a shelf next to a jar of flowers

Pictured: Rhubarb Jam large wood wick candle

When it comes to burning a candle, I think we've all been guilty of blowing it out long before the wax has all melted or failing to trim a wick because does it really matter?

The short answer is yes. If you want your fragrance to remain strong, your wax to burn evenly, and your candle to burn down to the very bottom of the jar there are some small maintenance tasks you'll need to do as your enjoy your new candle.

Whilst I'm a firm believer you can do whatever you like with your candles, who wouldn't want to get the most out of every candle, especially when the most common issues candles can fall victim to can be very easily avoided.

Sloom & Co soy wax candles are already designed to offer you a long burn time and fragrant experience, but here's a few of my favourite tips to make the most out of every candle.

Your first burn is always the most important

If you've been here a while, you're probably sick of hearing me talk about the importance of your candles first burn, but I go on about it for good reason!

Soy wax has what is known as a memory, which means when lit it will only burn as far as your previous burn did. So, if the first time you light your candle you blow it out too soon and your wax hasn't fully melted, you'll be more prone to issues such as tunneling which is when your candle leaves behind excess wax around the edge of the jar as it burns. Luckily you can easily avoid the issue of tunneling by simply burning to the edge of the jar on first use.

If you're using one of our larger candles this can take up to 4 hours so do be patient and choose a time when you're not in a rush and can savour your candle. Patience is key as whilst there are some methods you can use to correct tunneling in your candle, these won't always work and it's much easier to just avoid the issue in the first place!

Following this simple advice can help not only improve the quality of burn each time you use your candle, but also ensure you get the maximum amount of burn time possible and keep your scent strong.

Keep it trimmed

Keeping your wick short and trimmed is particularly important for wood wick candles. Not only does it once again help ensure you get the best burn from your candle and that the soy wax doesn't melt too fast, it also prevents smoke and soot build up and keeps your flame at a safe height. Trimming your wick is super simple, you can simply snap off any burnt excess before your next light your candle. You can do this by snapping it off with your fingers, or there are wick trimmers available if you prefer a tidier option. Wood wicks need to be kept even shorter than a classic cotton wick, so should only be around 1-2mm above the wax.

It's important to note that it's very normal for your flame to fluctuate in size whilst burning, and with a wood wick it's not uncommon for the flame to be very low and 'barely lit' at times. This is completely normal, and your candle is still burning so it's nothing to worry about. A low flame is most common during your first burn, so once you've blown it out after 4 hours and let the wax reset you should notice a more normal sized flame.

Using up your remaining wax

Once your candle has burnt down to it's final half inch it's time to call it a day. Whilst it may be tempting to keep burning until every gram of wax has gone, it's important you stop burning at this point to prevent your vessel from overheating or cracking. However, this doesn't mean you can't use up the last bits of wax in your jar. You can get the leftover wax out by adding in some boiling water to your vessel. Once the water has cooled you can go in with a spoon to gently scoop out the remaining wax. Remove the wick from your wax and you can then burn this wax on top of a wax burner to keep your favourite scent burning for a little longer.

Reuse your vessels

Sea breeze terrazzo pot refilled with matches

Pictured: Sea Breeze Terrazzo candle pot filled with matches

So, now you've got an empty vessel what are you going to do with it? Whilst the most popular option may be to just recycle and dispose of your vessel, there are plenty more interesting options you can choose! Use it as a storage pot for your candle accessories such as matches, or if you've opted for a custom candle you can simply order a refill to enjoy your candle all over again.

We've covered the basics so you should now be ready to go out, enjoy your candle, and get it burning as long as possible! In need of a new candle? Why not shop my latest scents and have a new candle on your doorstep within a week.

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