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Black and white marble style pot

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Love a minimalist and chic design? Fancy a colour pallette than can work in any space? This marble style black and white pot is perfect for you. These pots are individually handpoured making each item completely unique. Therefore, your pot may not look exactly like the one pictured but will have the same marble style and colour scheme. Pots measure 6cm in height and 5cm in width. Ideal for holding pens, paperclips and other small trinkets. Each pot has been coated in varnish to increase longevity, however care should still be taken. To clean, wipe with a damp cloth if any spillage occurs on the product to prevent stains. Do not submerge the pot in water. Take care not to drop from significant heights as they may break. Our products are made using a natural water based resin, making them both hardwearing and also an eco-conscious alternative to traditional materials.