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Thyme & Olive Vegan Reed Diffuser

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Enjoy a stronger scent with a fresh blend of herbs, spices and fruit? Meet Thyme & Olive. A refreshing herbal blend of thyme, olive & eucalyptus creating a beautiful fresh and masculine scent. With a cedarwood and musk base, this scent will immediately transport you to an earthy forest setting.

Enjoy Thyme & Olive for longer as a reed diffuser. Stocked with six fibre reeds, there's no need to flip reeds or worry about them clogging. Simply, uncork your diffuser, pop in your reeds and allow 1-2 days for the scent to fully disperse. The more reeds you add the stronger the scent will be (although it may also fade more quickly) Each diffuser bottle can last up to 6 weeks.

Created with premium fragrance oils and a vegan diffuser base.