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Yuletide Wood Wick Candle

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Enjoy the classic scent of winter pine with Yuletide. This Christmas tree scent is fresh and woody.

This candle's story:

 I grew up with the tradition of picking out a fresh Christmas tree each year for us to decorate on the first of December. I would spend hours meticulously organising all of our tree decorations and planning out where I would put them on our tree. Once I was done, we always topped off the tree with an angel.

Yuletide was created with it's strong scent of pine to remind me of the fresh Christmas tree we used to pick out every December.

How it smells:

Top notes: pine
Middle notes: pine
Base Notes: moss

This candle contains 150g of pure soy wax blended with premium fragrance oil. Each vessel is fitted with a wooden wick which crackles when burning. The amber glass jar comes fitted with a black screw top lid to keep the scent strong.

You can expect a burn time of around 35 hours in each candle. Ensure you burn the wax to the edge of the jar on first use to ensure even burning for the duration of your candle's life.